We at ICSS wish to express our gratitude and thanks to the scheduling application Setmore for their continued support. Since November 2020 we have been fortunate to have an increase in volunteers who are giving up their free time to tutor our students online. The set-up administration behind this with contacting parents and their children to attend their sessions with the correct link on the correct date and time has been arduous! Before using Setmore, it would take valuable time to set up sessions between volunteers and students via their parents email addresses with changes to session times or dates not always communicated in time to students so that volunteers often spent their time waiting or wasted.

Now that we have the benefit of Setmore as a scheduling app, we can very easily and quickly change or cancel the date or time of sessions if and when needed and oversee all the sessions that our volunteers are providing. It is easy to set up a new volunteer as an online tutor and Setmore will send out reminder notifications for teaching sessions to both the parents and volunteers automatically at designated times as desired saving ICSS volunteers a considerable amount of time and effort, which eases our burden to be able to concentrate on other areas of our charity’s work. This application has really proved to be an asset to ICSS and we are extremely grateful to Setmore for this.
Please see the Setmore application here.