This month, we have asked some of our students and their parents to tell us what they thought about the online tutoring provided to them by ICSS. (This accompanies our November blog about our ICSS volunteers who have been teaching online.

Online learning from ICSS has helped me excel in many different topics. I enjoy being in an online class with other pupils, helping to push me to the very best I can be. All the tutors and teachers are amazing at helping me with everything I need. Learning online has a more concentrated environment therefore more work can be completed while having more fun than usual. I enjoy online learning just as much as I do being in a real classroom.

Hafeeza (aged 11)

We are glad to say our daughter Aleena is really doing well with Dee in her reading and really appreciate your help thanking you so much.

Parent of Aleena (aged 8)

I wanted to thank you and the team of ICSS for the help you have provided for my daughters especially for my older daughter, Fatimah. I cannot thank the tutors enough for the help they have provided and are still providing. You and the team have been God send to us because being a single mum and not working, I cannot afford to pay for tuition for my girls and my older one is a studious girl and needed help and alhamdulillah she got it from ICSS.  With the help of Rachel, Yvonne (from Targeted Provision) and especially Louise for the 1:1 classes, my daughter has been doing very well in her exams and she is one of the top achievers in her year group for Maths all thanks to the help she’s been getting through ICSS. Honestly I was very worried about her studies given that I cannot afford private tuition and also because of the home situation and her being a carer also. But I’m so so grateful that she got the help she needed at the right moment and this has boosted her confidence a lot. She looks forward to all her sessions and she always tells me how her classes have been helping her understand a lot of topics which were hard to understand at school. A special thank you to Louise whose classes have been very helpful to my daughter and Louise has always been in touch with me and she has been sending tips and extra work for my daughter to do. With the right help and support, even  disadvantaged children like mine can excel in their studies and I do not have words to thank all of you who are selflessly giving your time and effort to our children so that they can have a better future. May God reward you all for all your efforts and bless you all with success.

Parent of Fatimah (aged 15)

I wish to thank Louise, Rachel and Yvonne so much for helping me with my work. I needed help with my English and especially maths. And my mum couldn’t afford tutoring for me and I am truly grateful for the help that I got from all the tutors, especially from Louise who dedicated her time to teach me things I really struggled with. Thank you so much ICSS for giving me the chance to shine. I am now in the top set by the grace of God and I am also top in my year group thanks to God and thanks to my tutors. Thank you so much again.

Fatimah (aged 15)

The tutors at ICSS have helped me improve my grades and skills in many of my subjects. Having the extra support has boosted my confidence and made me feel more comfortable asking teachers for help. Whilst being tutored at ICSS, I have been able to learn different studying methods which make me perform much better in my exams and even during lessons. I am grateful for all the amazing tutors that have helped me.

Sana (aged 15)