There are so many people who have supported us and made ICSS what it is today. We remain forever grateful.

We take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our volunteers and all of our supporters, past and present, who have kept ICSS going, helping children and their families since the charity was established in 2004. A heartfelt thank you to all who continue to support us, donating their time and resources, many of whom wish to remain anonymous.

Moreover, we cannot thank enough the hundreds of volunteers who have come through our doors since the charity’s inception in 2004. It would have been impossible for the charity to continue and thrive without their time and efforts. They have helped countless children in the surrounding communities, not only academically but giving them meaning and direction to achieve more, and for some to return to ICSS to give something back.
We feel humbled that these efforts have resulted in children that we taught and mentored coming back in their spare time to help the next generation. 

We have also been supported by a whole host of companies and organisations, listed below. These donors have generously provided resources and support in addition to funding. Their contributions and support remain invaluable as they allow us to free ourselves from time consuming tasks and the ability to use their resources to focus on the main work. Furthermore, we would simply not be able to provide the facilities or level of service that we do without them.

Please take the time to click on their logo which will take you to their website and support them as they have so graciously supported ICSS.