ICSS began as a supplementary school open to children of all backgrounds and faiths and entirely run by unpaid volunteers. The schools were set in up in the London boroughs of Newham in 2004 and in Tower Hamlets in 2009. At ICSS we inspire our students to aim high by achieving their goals and helping others including their younger peers and within the local community.


What sets us apart is that we aim to include everyone to be part of the local community and society. In recent years we have evolved to not only provide free education and tutoring, but also mentoring to children of refugees and families of domestic violence.


We want for these and all children to benefit from the same opportunities as others without feeling ostracised, isolated, different or embarrassed and also to feel included within the community.

Who we are

ICSS is an entirely volunteer run organisation that operates in the London Boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets since 2004. The school is open to children of all backgrounds and faiths and we strongly believe that our students (from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds) need to be encouraged to integrate into British society, and our volunteers play an important part in this as role models.


Our volunteers are as diverse as the community around us - doctors, accountants, solicitors, and local businessmen being just some examples of the various backgrounds we hail from.
Muneeb Asif

Muneeb Asif

ICSS Trustee
Muneeb was a former ICSS student at the inception of the charity in 2004 and has now come full circle from student to volunteer to trustee and volunteer. He has seen the organisation evolve to what it is today from the very beginning! See his amazing story in the case studies under 'Get Involved' page.
Ciaran Donnelly

Ciaran Donnelly

Ciaran is a volunteer and teacher in several organisations with experience teaching people of all ages. At ICSS he volunteers teaching maths and physics to older students. Ciaran holds a PGCert in Physics from Queen Mary University of London and is also a Trinity CertTESOL qualified English teacher. He gained experience, as well as understanding of the difficulties faced by asylum seekers and refugees by volunteering to teach English to people in these situations.
Zafar Razaq

Zafar Razaq

ICSS Trustee - CWSS
Zafar has been with ICSS since 2007 and a Trustee since 2008. He has been in charge of running the school in Canary Wharf (Canary Wharf Supplementary School) for the last ten years. He was awarded for his efforts within the nominated category of ‘Improving Life Chances’ at the Mayor of London Awards in October 2019. Apart from his regular job as a Project Manager, he is also a governor of a primary school in Clapham Common.

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Student with CWSS volunteer

Student with CWSS volunteer


Students with ICSS Volunteer (UEL student)

Students with ICSS Volunteer (UEL student)

Lower school

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