Providing meals to the homeless

Elderly and Students receiving meals

“It has been very difficult for us since we are unable to work since April. May God reward you for your kindness as the meal was delicious.”

Chandrakirthi Kumar

Help during lockdown

ICSS has undertaken additional work since we have heard word of the plight of hundreds of international students who have lost their part-time jobs and unable to pay their rent or university tuition fees, with demand letters for fees and letters of eviction to contend with. These students, over 1200 in Newham alone, have no recourse to public funds and are in a desperate state with many who have no money to even buy food or essentials.  Teaming up with other charities in Newham, ICSS is producing over 600 freshly cooked meals per week and will continue to do so until grant funds obtained for COVID-19 assistance are depleted. 

None of the above would have been possible without these emergency Covid-19 grants being awarded to ICSS, which have given us the means to be able to provide this much needed support. We, as well as the many hundreds of recipients of freshly made meals would like to a extend a huge thank you to the following organisations who have helped to ease the burden during this unprecedented time.

These are:

  • East End Community Foundation (emergency fund)
  • London Community Response Fund (LRCF)
  • London Plus
  • Neighbourly
  • Newham Council
  • The National Lottery (Government funding)

Our teaching operations have been suspended and unlikely to resume before September 2021 at the earliest. ICSS volunteers have been available to assist in the food distribution element of our work, working through Fareshare & Neighbourly. Through our volunteer network, ICSS has delivered food packages (also including cleaning and disinfectant products) to vulnerable groups such as refugee families and families affected by violence.

Feedback Form

We are committed to providing a high quality meal to those affected by the pandemic. As a recipient of one of our meals, we would love to hear from you about what you thought about the meal received. It’s important for us to know what you think so please be as honest as possible. It’s only with constructive feedback, that we can ensure we are doing what we need to and to keep to the high standards we have set ourselves in the work that we do. 

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” Thank you so much for your support. May Allah give with abundance love and happiness for life and may fufil all ur desires” (sic)


“A wonderful meal that has revived me. Bless you.”

Anthony Fernandes

“Today me and my friends all gone for job hunting after coming back to home there was no food for us but within 10-15 min, we got a knock on the door alhamdulilah we got food to eat today. Thanks alot again guys keep it up.” (sic)

Muhammed Khaled

“It was awesome and hot homely food which made us smile.” (sic)

Muhammed Mahroof