Over 10,000 Afghani nationals (over 2,000 being children) have been evacuated by emergency airlift from Afghanistan to the UK. The UK government has a scheme to resettle Afghans but many are still waiting to be accommodated and remain in hotel and hostel rooms. Most of these children are learning English for the first time and although they are attending local schools they need so much more support. ICSS is working with the City of London Corporation and providing this much needed support by assisting the children with their English.

Previous teaching experience is not essential. Most of the English being taught is at primary school level. For these children even having that additional interaction through conversation is a huge boost to them, as it will help them to integrate to UK life at a faster pace which is essential. If you are able to spare a few hours on Sunday mornings at a Central London location you can really help make a difference. A weekly commitment is not required, you can volunteer whenever you have availability on a Sunday.

Please click on this link to register and once submitted you will receive more detailed information about the location and timings.

Please take a look at our ICSS YouTube video about this project to get a better idea of how volunteers can make a real difference!