Confidential and Intellectual Property

As a volunteer you have an obligation to protect confidential or personal information in relation to other volunteers and ICSS. If you have access to confidential information (including addresses or telephone numbers of colleagues/clients), you should never discuss or disclose such information to anyone other than the person/s authorised to receive it, both during and after your involvement with ICSS.

All intellectual property rights carried out by all members of staff and volunteers are administered by ICSS.

Volunteers must note that allowing ICSS to use all creative and technical work (including but not limited to: design, photography, videography, narratives, research, guides, and initiatives), done in service to the organisation indefinitely. All work completed may be used/replicated/reproduced in all-possible scenarios, and you (volunteer) may or may not receive credit for this work.

All products, ideas, concepts, financial information (including suppliers, products, strategies), sponsors, partners, research development, marketing plans, business strategies and all other information designated as confidential by ICSS should not be disclosed by all volunteers to any person or entity. All volunteers must hold all confidential information in trust and confidence.


Contact with the Media

All requests from members of the media for comments/information should be politely directed to any of the ICSS Trustees. This will ensure the accuracy of all information given to the media and help to maintain good relationships. Similarly, you should not give any interviews, appear in any promotions, advertisements or endorsements, or give any assistance to the media in relation to any story concerning ICSS, without the prior consent of the ICSS Trustees. Ask the onsite ICSS representative if you need more information or if there is anything you are not sure about.  You should also exercise discretion when commenting in your private capacity about ICSS where your comment may be understood to be an official comment.