This year, we are raising money during Ramadan to assist international university students living in Newham. During the first and seconds lockdowns many international students lost their part-time jobs which would help them pay their bills such as rent, living expenses and university fees. As they don’t have recourse to public funds, many face huge financial difficulties and are unable to afford enough for basic staples such as food.

During Ramadan, many of these students may have very little to afford to pay for their iftars this year.

ICSS is supporting Newham Community Project with a group of volunteers dedicated to making 600 freshly cooked meals containing meat or chicken per week for less than £2 a head. Any donations during Ramadan would be very gratefully appreciated. A a guide the following amounts can provide the following:

  • £1100 can pay for 600 meals which will feed 300 students twice a week
  • £600 will feed 300 students 
  • £300 will feed 150 students
  • £100 will feed 50 students
Please make donations via this link


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