ICSS has continued to remain busy throughout lockdown. Thanks to grant funding provided by several different organisations in response to COVID-19 as well as individual donors who wish to remain anonymous, ICSS has been able to provide 300 freshly cooked meals per week. This has been delivered in conjunction with Newham Community Project to stranded international students who have faced job losses, fear of eviction and shortages in food while still receiving demands for rent and university fees.

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“First of all, i would like to thank all of my dear sisters and brothers who are working so hard to serve the students in this hard time, when i had that packed bbq meal i felt like i am in a 7 or 5 star restaurant, it was truly so delicious, hygienic, high quality and well packed, and the groceries we received right from the biscuits to the chickens including cooking oil, vegetables, etc that was just beyond the imagination, we once again thank each and every single person of you all who directly or indirectly have been part of this, may Allaah the almighty accept this and grant barakah in your lives, children, and incomes, May Allaah be pleased with you all and grant you all jannatul firdaos, aameen.” (sic)

Mohammed Imran