We have now finished the study/homework club with Afghan children at a  hotel in Tower Hill, as the project ended on 20th February. The last day was a chance to say goodbye to the children and wish them all the best with games and gifts before they moved to their new locations. There was lots of fun and activity with our dedicated volunteers who came to join and support the kids for a final session.
On behalf of ICSS, we thank everyone who came and gave up their time on a Sunday to help these children from February last year to yesterday.  We know it wasn’t easy to wake up early on a Sunday morning and commute to the hotel, particularly in the winter when it was cold and miserable. We know the parents were very appreciative and grateful for our support in helping their children.
For those interested, please keep in touch via the volunteer@icss.org.uk email, and we will also be in contact when we anticipate reopening the school in Canary Wharf again.
We wish you all the best and luck in all your future goals and endeavours. As we have seen recently, there is no shortage of help from willing volunteers required, with examples of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the current cost of living crisis where many are struggling. We encourage all of you who registered to volunteer with ICSS (for our Afghan student project) to continue to help and support others by volunteering, as this is so valuable and makes such a massive difference to those in need.
We were able to capture some photos of our last day!