A former ICSS volunteer : Sister Khadija (Minna Virtanen) is flying to Greece to help asylum seekers in a refugee camp in Greece.

Chios winter appeal

I will fly to Greece on 13th December for a 5-day volunteer trip to provide aid for asylum seekers living at Vial refugee camp on the island of Chios.

This will be my 3rd time volunteering in Greece, and my aim is to raise funds to purchase winter coats/other basic necessities for distribution in front of the camp.

Many people living at the camp don’t have adequate clothing, suffer from malnutrition, and many live in tents. There are very few shared showers and toilets, and there is no warm water. Even the containers that some are housed in are often infested with rodents.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, you can do so via paypal, or in cash/via bank transfer.


I am using PayPal because it has no commission, in order to avoid fees charged by fundraising sites.

As always, I am paying for my flights, travel, accommodation and other costs as well as vehicle hire and petrol myself, hence 100% of your donations will go to refugees.

Receipts and a breakdown of how the funds were used will be provided on my return.

I will be volunteering with Ruhi Akhtar of Refugee Biryani & Bananas who has been delivering refugee aid for 4 years. Ruhi is featured in the BBC documentary below:


You can also see Ruhi speaking in the below news clip by Danish Radio24syv who came out to Chios to raise awareness of the dire living conditions at the Vial camp, highlighting the importance of volunteers and small grassroot charities: