The charity trip to Greece was completed in December 2019. Below is the update of the total raised.


Thank you ever so much for your donations.

You donated £900 via paypal + £254 in cash

I spent all the funds to buy coats for people living in Vial refugee camp, Chios, Greece.

Your donations provided 60 WARM COATS for the Vial refugee camp

60 coats:
10 coats x €21 = €210
30 coats x €23 = €690
20 coats x €25 = €500

TOTAL €1400

**This is 102 % of the total of €1361.72 that you donated. **

A heartfelt thank you to you all. With your support, 60 refugees received a warm winter coat. Thank you for your kindness, solidarity and humanity in bringing comfort to some of the most vulnerable people on this planet who have fled war, oppression, torture and poverty to end up in a camp where most are forced to sleep in tents, whatever the weather, be it rain, storm, snow or flooding.

After my trip, the work of Refugee Biryani & Bananas as well as other grass root charities and volunteers continues. There are thousands of people at the camp all in need of coats among other things. Collectively, Ruhi Akhtar of RBB and us other volunteers have managed to distribute hundreds of coats. My winter mission in Greece is over, but they will persist until all 5500 + people at the camp receive one, God willing.

Love and peace to you all.