ICSS wishes to thank the YAPP Charitable Trust for awarding us a three year grant, for which we received the first instalment when it was much needed in November 2020. The YAPP Trust only offers grants to charities with a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000. As ICSS is a small grassroots charity with a normal expenditure of approximately £5000 annually, the charity falls into this category.

We have just received the installment for the second year and it has been awarded to ICSS to enable us to maintain our running costs for the organisation.  This is most notably on the teaching side, which currently is supporting our students with taught sessions provided by Targeted Provision alongside one to one support by our volunteers for which we are extremely grateful.

The YAPP Trust is currently looking to appoint two new trustees to their board, here is the link to their website for further information.