ICSS has been very busy this Christmas Eve by collecting end of day food supplies from local supermarkets before closing for Christmas while also supporting a local foodbank. Neighbourly requested charities to take on these collections as during this time of year, and many Christian charities are not available as they are celebrating Christmas with their families.

We were overwhelmed with the unprecedented volume of fresh and chilled product that were collected from seven supermarkets.

Special thanks in particular go to Imran, Altaf and Faisal (our volunteer from India) for their support over the festive months whose help was invaluable to sorting the huge volume of donations.

Sorting, repacking and bagging supermarket donations daily (especially the fresh produce) as and when donations came in and helping to deliver food parcels helped us to offer assistance seven days a week. We were able to reach out to so many more families who like us would be so thankful for this especially over the Christmas break when so many of the hard working Christian charities that we work with were able to take a well earned break.